Why finding your dream home is like finding your soulmate...

In today's fast paced Real Estate market, it is not uncommon to search for weeks or even months to find the home of your dreams.

You feel like you are never going to find the perfect one and are overcome with defeat. Perhaps even accepting the fate of yourself and the cats in the one bedroom apartment forever. Cue, Bridget Jones and poor eating choices. 


Swiping through listings, your first goal is to find a match and make a date to meet in person. Please, please let them look like they do in the profile photo!


And then...when you do find the right's time to ask good questions, identify flaws, and make sure that this will work for you in the long run.

As a seasoned bachelorette, I am not fooled by that initial chemical romance. In the dating and home searching world, I know all too well that nothing is forever until both parties have signed all necessary paperwork and I know basically everything about my new digs.

As our clients, we play a huge emotional role in your life, on this 'Real Estate Rollercoaster' 

We see it often. You fall in love with a home, make an offer, and are quickly beat out by another offer. Rejection is rampid in this industry, as it is in dating. 

Chin up! This is all a part of the process, and Kim and Vicky are here to support you, and kepp your motivation up!


A good Realtor® can see past the 'socks and sandals' and suggest ways to help your new project be a little more fashionable. On the other end of the spectrum, a leak in a home is akin to your date having a drinking problem....repairs are needed on a more serious scale and need to be addressed immediately. My work partner, Kim has a bloodhound nose for defects in a home AND defects in dates. I can trust her, and I know that you can too. 


This process is ALL about relationships, and Kim and Vicky are here to support you! 


And, alas...this is why we think that finding your dream home.... is like finding your soulmate. Enjoy! 


  • You have to go on several dates before you find something you like
  • First impressions are key and leave a lasting impression. A poorly maintained home is akin to wearing socks and sandals on the first date.
  • Searching the MLS is like ‘Tinder’ for Real Estate. Endless swiping through listings until you find a potential match
  • Any offensive odour will have you running for the hills
  • Age IS important. But a well maintained 1960's home with good bones can still be a great investment!
  • Constantly having to change your criteria as you go. Along the way you always find something that changes your expectations
  • Honesty and disclosure are VITAL. Check out that Property disclosure! Hey...wouldn't it be great if your date came with a property disclosure? Think I'm on to something here...;) 
  • You are inevitably searching for a long term relationship (House flippers / serial daters exempt)
  • Appearances can be deceiving. That house may look nice on the outside, but a good Realtor® will discover hidden flaws or defects in a timely manner (The Real Estate version of a drinking problem)
  •  Sometimes you get a bad bathroom pic. 
  • Find out about those finances! It is NOT taboo to ask about money. 
  • Homes with properly manicured gardens have a better chance of a second showing…( read that right)
  • Sometimes the photos online look NOTHING like the property
  • You usually need 24 hours notice to view a property (Us gals need some time to prepare ourselves!)
  • Your friends and family usually like to get involved in the process
  • You’re going to have your heart broken several times before you find the right one
  • Sometimes you find the right one. You make all the right moves and offers and it still doesn’t work out 
  • Sometimes you just never get the answer as to why they didn’t pick you
  • It’s not uncommon to be torn between two of them. Choose the one that makes you the happiest and you can picture spending your life with…
  • When you do find the right one…at one point you need to start packing your boxes!


Whether you are searching for your true love, or your dream home....we are on your side!

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