Prepare your home for sale, with the same mind set when looking on line for a vacation destination.

First impression of this image is most important, no negatives are perceived in this image.  It is inviting. 

We have all heard the chants and read the bullet points of what to do to prepare your home for market.

The glossy sites, the brochures in aid to guide you to do the obvious.

There is only one thing to keep in your mind when you are wanting to go to market and this is the only bullet  point in this blog post.  Simple, easy peasy

  • Don't give the buyer an excuse to offer a lower price for your property

I have viewed far to many homes losing count that actually, that have decided to "test the market".  I say "test the market" because, they really are not serious about selling their property.  

If you want to sell your home, give proof to the buyer that you are serious.  Yes, do what all the others are saying, to obviously declutter, etc etc etc (quote from The King and I movie) redundant grammar, but, you get it.

That is fine as one must do the obvious, but, what many miss is that, take down your memories, fill the holes and paint. If your carpet is old, well, just rip it out in preparation for the new buyers ideas. Paint a whimsical message on the plywood saying, "waiting for your ideas." for instance.  Shock the buyer to laughter in agreement. 

Make your property look as if you are prepared to move tomorrow. The prepping is complete and just waiting for their ideas. Stressing an urgancy for them to move in. Show them that you mean business.

Finally, I am keeping this simple, the KISS method, (keep it simple stupid), if a buyer comes in with a lower offer, please ask them this question,

" Can you please provide me the paper work in support of your offer"?  

This also applies to a seller when they are wanting to list their home for a certain price. 

Put the ball briefly into their court. I say briefly,  because you really never want to lose the ball, but, give them a suggestion to give thought as to where they did come up with their number.  

Again, don't give the buyer an excuse in stating the deficiecies of the property.  We all can see them ahead of the listing time, so, correct them.  Give no ammunition to the buyer to hurl at you, validation for their rational to lower your price for them. 

I have seen far to much of this.  Shame on the Realtor who did this disservice to their seller.  

We want to see this inviting image.  Trust me, it will save you thousands of dollars. 

I will stage your home, I will crack the whip with you and your children.  I am not here to be your new best friend.  I am here to make sure you receive the best return on your, perhaps one of the largest financial investments you will ever make in your life. 

I will not allow you go to market until I have decided that you are ready.

Not for the faint of heart I am. 

My job is to get my job done for you. 

Call me for a confidential, no nonsense meeting on what your needs and wants are in Real Estate. 

Oh and I do not spend my money on BS fridge magnets, calendars or pens.  I put my money in marketing your home and  flip coin, representing my buyers by sleuthing and digging up dirt. There is always something to find.

I am a double threat in that I am also a property manager, knowing the full gambit of rental contracts, rights of the tenant and landlord. 

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