Welcome to my Online Home.  Feel free to Leave your shoes on!


It's Time for a Fresh, Modern approach to Real Estate Buying and Selling.

No Fluff, No Broken Promises.

Just 25+ Years of combined Real Estate and Marketing Excellence going to work for you.

What do we do?

We hustle. We build relationships. We sell homes. We problem-solve. We negotiate. We go into dark basements. We dig for relevant information. We walk your new neighborhood. We care about your child's school commute. We forensically evaluate prices, market values and the newest, hottest listings. We make sure you buy the right home. 

How do we do it?

  1. Our Savvy Stager will work with us from concept to implementation
  2. Tell us a story...Let's get all of the details about your home to create a comprehensive Brochure and digitized story on your castle. Shy? Don't worry...our Team has a strategized list of questions to get all the facts.
  3. Mind if we ask your measurements? Let's arrange some very precise Floorplans to give Buyer's a metric version of their new Home
  4.  Enter Paparazzi...We work with Victoria's most renowned photographers to capture your home in it's very best light.
  5. Let's go to Market! Your listing will be placed on the local MLS system, and we will provide you with a custom Marketing Plan to sell your Home fast! Don't worry...we have Local and International Marketing and Advertising connections to find the perfect buyer for your home.



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